Friday, September 30, 2016


A couple of days in Amsterdam before our flight home. Checked out the Van Gogh museum then spent some time on the canals on a cruise. 

2500 houseboats average price 350000euro. Nicer ones well over a million 
This is a bike station next to a busy train station. Three levels high. Thousands of bikes. 

Last day in Nijmegen

Mike,Teo,Peter and Lucas

Train ride to Amsterdam

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The pack up

The last 2 days have been huge. We had 40 bikes to recrate and send home. Organised kaos is probably the best description. Everyone was tired and a little bit cranky. Everyone wanted to do there own bike. Despite a few prize dickheads it all went pretty well. This arvo we caught the bus back to Nijmegen from the warehouse for the last time. Tonight I'm going with peter to visit Eric. Eric is the creator of the famous swallower chain drive Guzzi. He is a great engineer and we are going to visit his workshop. Should be a hoot. 
Tomorrow we will catch our breath before heading to Amsterdam on Thursday. 
The final ride

Friday, September 23, 2016

La Trappe Quadrupel 10%

Now that's beer !!

Day 41- the last stand

Today we departed cologne for the last leg of our Motorcycle journey. At was only a couple of hundred kilometres. It was nice to have a beautiful GPS & roadworks fuckup in the last 50kms just to finish the trip off. 
Gertie is locked up at the hotel. We will wash her ready for repacking next week. 
I guess this weekend we will just have to drink beer 😀

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

For Curly

Firewood stacks

Rhine river-Swiss German border

Inside the bridge
Looking back at bridge

Day 39- autobahn

Today we had to get 450km from Zurich to Frankfurt. Most of that we did on the autobahn. It's not for the feint hearted. When you pop into the super fast lane you have to make sure you can't see any lights in your mirror. They come so fast that if you can already see them it's too late to pull out. I limit Gertie to 130km. The go sat like your in 1 st gear. It's very tiring. 
While we let the GPS guide us today we were thrilled that it took us through a magnificent country detour that included a wooden bridge that was incredible. I'm sitting in the bar drinking German beer. Yum. 

Derny racing in Zurich

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Day 38- on the road again

We have been watching a weather window that was our best chance to get up the Stelvio pass between Switzerland and Italy. Today was the day. We headed out of Saint Moritz at 9.30. It was cold. 2 hours later we were at over 3000 meters on the top of Stelvio pass. It was cold. Gertie was named after the famous pass. It was fitting that we took her up there

After we bought a sticker for Gertie and a t shirt for me we headed back into Switzerland. We rode all the way to Zurich. It was a solid 5-1/2 day of very high concentration. Mikey is a zombie tonight but it was good to tick off something I've wanted to do for s long time. 
Tonight we went to the velodrome in Zurich. The derny racing was hectic

Stelvio Pass ✔️

He's finally done it-Stelvio on the Stelvio(sorry Gertie)

Beautiful weather sun shining and lots of snow

Monday, September 19, 2016

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bellagio images

Day 36- Swithback to Switzerland

After a couple of days doing it tough staying in Bellagio on lake Como we decided we needed a treat. So we headed for saint Moritz. It was an absolutely beautiful day riding into the mountains again. The road was full hectic 
Switchback heaven
We arrived in S M to a wonderful hotel. 
Our room is the pointy bit in the corner
S M is a picture everywhere you look 
We went for a walk and watched the ice hockey. 
Swiss house

Saturday, September 17, 2016